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Anna e Paola Borgogno, Federica Boffa e Emanuela Bolla, Marco Bolla, Borgogno Serio

The memory of Serio & Battista Borgogno continues to live in their vineyards and in the passion they managed to transmit to their family.

The winery is now run by daughters Anna and Paola Borgogno, Federica Boffa and Emanuela Bolla, the fifth generation of the family, and Marco Bolla.

Marco and Emanuela Bolla personaly take care of the vineyards and cellar, leading every step from pruning to harvest, from pressing to bottling.


After obtaining a degree in Architecture, Emanuela decides to follow in her grandpa Serio Borgogno’s footsteps. In 2010 she joins the family business and develops a passion for the job in the vineyards. Her curiosity brings her to learn from her father the art of making wine.
“Wine is the enthusiastic soul of the ones who produce it, the ones who know how to gather and transmit the authenticity of the land from which they come.”


Federica inherited from her grandpa Serio Borgogno the determination to promote her wine, welcoming tourists at her winery, travelling and taking care of the export process. Her passion for photography and her graphic talent allow her to take care of everything with great attention about all the marketing side of the family business.
“I love the world of wine because it is an evolution of nuances, the result of a hard work that offers different colours, fragrances, unique flavours. ”
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela 
Anna Borgogno - Paola Borgogno


Anna is Serio Borgogno and Iolanda Giordano’s oldest daughter, she is an resourceful and stubborn woman; she always tries to reach the best goals for her company and for her family. She works in the administrative office and takes care of the export sales.
“Wine is a wonderful vehicle of sharing, able to tell and unite generations and cultures.”


Jovial face and contagious smile, Paola is the youngest daughter of Serio Borgogno and Iolanda Giordano; she always welcomes customers and tourists in the wine cellar, a very warm and familiar place. Her great creativity is often translated to original ideas that get to the heart of the tourists.
“The wine is art, music, light: it is something magic released every day by our land.”


Today, Marco is the real mind of the winery and vineyards. His background in wine making begins when he meets Anna Borgogno and decides to follow her in this adventure. Marco has managed to combine the inherited tradition with the trade evolution of his kind of job, making various improvements.
“The secret for a genuine wine? You need to understand the right balance between men’s work and nature.”


Paola’s husband, Serio Borgogno’s daughter, does not actually work in the cellar, but his help to run the winery is very important for the whole family. He welcomes tourists and customers, and passionately dedicates with great pleasure all his time to the preparation of tastings. Danilo loves to take part in the harvest and in all those activities related to the company.
“To me, wine means bond, sharing, family.”
Marco Bolla e Danilo Boffa
Luca Sarotto - Federico Sclerandi


Our team is made up of a synergy where experience embraces the energy and desire to do and learn of the youngest.

We are a close-knit team, despite the generational differences we share the enthusiasm, determination and love for what we do. Our strength is that of being a large family that believes in roots and in the continuous search for quality.

In the photo Marco Bolla, Emanuela Bolla, Luca Sarotto, Marco and Stefano Bergui Rivella.


Our goal is to convey what we do and what we believe in:
telling us with words and with our wines.

This is why the welcome in the cellar is a source of great satisfaction for us.
We are waiting for you in the cellar to tell you our story and that of our wines.
We will welcome you: Federica Boffa, Lucrezia Sandri and Paola Borgogno
Federica Boffa, Lucrezia Sandri, Paola Borgogno
Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

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