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in the CELLAR

We believe it is our duty to keep telling the tradition that made our land’s wines so special.



Works in the vineyard do not really follow specific rules: every year they get adapted to the vine’s different needs, due to the weather conditions of that year.

We do believe that every plant is unique and different from the others, this is why each stage, from pruning to thinning, is accomplished in a very meticulous way in order to safeguard the vine and respect its productive capacity. Our objective is that of producing an healthy and high quality grape, in the respect and safeguard of the biodiversity that makes our vineyards so unique.

For this reason, we use natural products, which contain copper and sulfur, we perform grassing and avoid any chemical herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer.

Borgogno Serio - In vigneto 
Borgogno Serio - In cantina 


We believe that our job within the cellar should be limited to conserve and preserve the different vineyards’ characteristics. Each wine and every year has a unique character that must be kept and esteemed the way it is.

The lasting of the ageing process does not follow prearranged criteria, the content of every barrel is constantly tasted by every member of our family, so that we can make sure that the wood scents do not prevail and change the character of both the wine and the vintage.

We make our wines ferment in big wooden vats called "Tini" and we use big Slavonian oak barrels, having a capacity of 25-50hl, as the tradition shows (“No Barriques”).


Owning three hectares on the three main sides of the heart of Cannubi is a priceless and unique source. On the top of this hill, it is said the story of a family and its ancestors, a deep love for their territory, transmitted from one generation to another, mysteriously enclosed in a bottle.

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