It is not just a movie,

it is a magnificent picture of authentic, everyday life.

A glimpse of the real life of the Trifolaos and their community of Cisterna d'Asti and San Damiano d'Asti, where the documentary film was shot.
An exciting vision that does not limit itself to celebrating the famous White Truffle but to describe the lives of these wise men in their surprising everyday life. Unique and genuine people capable of transmitting important values such as respect and gratitude towards nature and the forest, as well as for their trusted and beloved dogs.
The protagonists of the film are not actors, they are ordinary and unique people, whom we should all be able to meet on our way.


We made a film called The Truffle Hunters. It’s a documentary about a group of wise old men and their dogs who travel Piedmont’s forests searching for the rare white truffle. We partnered with the prestigious Barolo estate S&B Borgogno to produce this limited edition label.

A portion of the proceeds will go to protect the fragile truffle forests where we filmed.
Please enjoy!

Michael Dweck e Gregory Kershaw
Beautiful Stories

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The truffle  hunters - Il Film 
Borgogno Edizione Limitata


From this wonderful documentary film an equally ambitious project was born.
A project for the conservation and safeguarding of wooded areas. In collaboration with our American importer Skurnik Wines and film directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw the Limited Edition labels have been created.
It is a great honor for us to be able to contribute to this project with our wines:

Barolo Cannubi 2018
Nebbiolo D'Alba 2019


it is made up of a group of friends (trifolao, naturalists, farmers, doctors, engineers, freelancers, photographers, journalists), who have identified a common passion, that of love for their land and they decided to channel it into a concrete project of witness and involvement.
Thanks to the donations received, including those from the film's investors today the association owns more than 30 hectares of woods.
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Riserva naturale The truffle Hunters
vini in Edizione Limitata “The Truffle Hunters”

Our Limited Edition wines "The Truffle Hunters"

It is a great honor to be part of this ambitious one and far-sighted project, with a special selection of our wines. Our territory has always offered us unique products such as wine and truffles.

It is gratifying to think that we can symbolically and materially thank our territory and, thanks to the wine, the fruit of our work, help to preserve the wooded areas.
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