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Cantina in Cannubi - Federica Boffa e Emanuela Bolla, Marco Bolla, Borgogno Serio

Our job does not follow specific rules but supports the characteristics of the vineyard and that particular year.

The tradition is made by the roots, the innovation, the plant’s leaves. All of them are important because without any root a plant would die. If the tradition has shaped the character of our wines, the innovation allowed us to facilitate some process in the cellar, as well as in the vineyard. We believe it is very important to combine tradition with innovation, searching for the right balance, without forgetting about the origins.

Our goal is to constantly look for quality while respecting our territory. The work in the cellar is limited to keep and preserve the characteristics of the different vineyards and vintages.

• We still make our wines ferment in wooden vats "Tini": this requires the double of the time and various attentions, but undoubtedly gives big satisfactions to us in the end.
• Long emerged cap macerations in big wooden vats of 150hl.
• Malolactic fermentation in steel maintaining constant temperature of 18-20 Celsius degrees indoors.
• We use big Slavonian oak barrels of 25-50 hl for long ageing processes. “No Barriques”.
• Each year is different from the others and we act consequently. The ageing after the minimum period expected by the belonging policy is made in wooden barrels depending on the structure and the character of each specific wine.

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Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

Loc. Cannubi, Via Crosia 12, 12060 Barolo (Cn)
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